A. Customer can use a debit or credit cards to pay for your purchase on RIZQMALL. We accept the following payment providers, issued by banks in Malaysia, e-wallets by third parties we have assigned to, third party payment gateways and bank transfers. For payment through our Point of Sale (POS) or POS facilities provided by our vendors, please refer to individual vendors for more details:

1. Credit cards
– Visa
– Master

2. Debit Cards
– Most major banks in Malaysia.

3. E-Wallet

4. Third Party Payment Gateway

B. Customer can pay by cash, bank transfer or any other means provided by a vendor specifically.

C. Full payment card authorisation for the amount corresponding to the total price of goods (including service charges) that the Customer has requested shall be made on the day the goods are purchased on RIZQMALL or delivered to the Customer (using the vendor’s own delivery services).

D. Unfortunately we will not accept cash as payment for your shopping on RIZQMALL unless stated otherwise by individual vendor or product. This is due to security reasons.

E. Our liability to you in connection with any order will not exceed the total price charged for the relevant items.